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Convert The Internship To Full Time Position

Full Report Here With most of the nation’s colleges and universities quickly nearing the end of the spring semester, tens of thousands students and new graduates across the country are preparing to embark on summer internships, which are increasingly vital … Continue reading

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Certification and Advanced Degrees: Are They Worth It?

The value of certification and/or advanced degrees, such as an MBA, often comes into question in the wake of economic downturns. There are two camps on the issue.  On the one side you have those who spent time and money … Continue reading

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As firms seek flexibility, traditional workforce fades

Companies are realizing that alternative workers are better suited for the new economic realities of the increasingly global, technology-driven, and highly competitive marketplace. The number of part-time, contingent and outsourced employees and consultants may continue to grow while traditional, full-time … Continue reading

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Lower gasoline prices could boost travel this summer; welcome news for the nation’s tourist destinations.  However, one workplace expert warns that some destinations will fare better than others, as the recession and the fear of layoffs are likely to keep … Continue reading

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