Job Search Myth: “There are no jobs out there”

Based on the bleak job-market picture painted by most news reports, it is easy to see how some job seekers might conclude that there are no jobs available.  In fact, we hear as much from our job-search clients all the time: “No one is hiring in my field.”  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Make no mistake, it is difficult to find positions in this market.  Not only are there fewer opportunities, but there are more people competing for those opportunities.  It definitely takes more effort, more time and more patience to find a job these days, but don’t fall prey to the myth that there are NO jobs available.  This attitude can have detrimental effects on your job search.  If you believe that there are no jobs, you are inclined to stop looking.  As a job-search authority, one thing I can tell you is that very few people have found a position by not looking.

So, why is it worth your time to persist in your job-search activities? Because companies are hiring all over the place.  Don’t believe me.  Take a look at the most recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The chart below shows hiring activity measured by the Bureau’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey.  Each month, the Bureau asks employers around the country about how many new workers they hired, how many were let go or left voluntarily and how many openings they had at the end of the month.

Upward trend in hiring.

In this chart, we can see that employers hired nearly 4.5 million new workers (4,355,000, to be exact) in September.  Additionally, employers had another 2.9 million job openings at the end of the month.  Since the beginning of the year, employers have hired a total of 39.7 million new workers.

Obviously, there is still a ways to go before hiring returns to pre-recession levels of 5.5 million – 6.0 million new hires per month.  But, there is no denying that hiring is occurring in this economy.  The key is to be in the right place at the right time.  Now is not the time to stop or cut back on your job-search activities, based on the erroneous assumption that no one is hiring.  Now is the time to be even more aggressive in your efforts.  You cannot be in the right place at the right time, if you are sitting on the sidelines.


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One Response to Job Search Myth: “There are no jobs out there”

  1. I agree with this. I think there might be a gap between skills vrs. hires. What I mean is, the people that were laid off were the less productive people on the staff. They are struggling to find new jobs, because the companies want someone who can fill the spot and grow.

    I think retail is running lean operations, as you can tell by all the long lines in stores during peak hours. That should change over time, giving less skilled or part time seekers more choices going forward. Interesting article.

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